About our Project...

Heroes Motorsport was founded by disabled combat veterans and their families to support and assist disabled veterans  and first responders, of all forces.


Our mission:


To form a racing team of disabled veterans and first responders to create an environment that will allow them to re-ignite their passion, and to provide support, camaraderie and teamwork through motorsport. To partner with national and global sponsors and others who can assist in using existing technologies that will allow disabled veterans to participate in motorsports.


Our goal is to provide an outlet through motorsports for veterans to become involved in their communities, and to reach out to other veterans who might need them.


We are a volunteer organization!

US Navy veteran, Al Almahdi, Founder of Heroes Motorsport.

"To my brave heroes of Force Recon, USMC, it was an honor and a privilege to ride along with you even for the short time that I did, I will never forget you. Any time, any place, any where, say the word and I will be there in a heartbeat."

"Go Get 'Em, Boys!!!"