Essential Safety Certification

This certification course is designed to provide the basic safety knowledge and critical response necessary to promote and improve race safety, stay competitive, and reduce costs by lowering infractions, and reducing contact while on the track.


The Heroes Motorsport Certification officials have extensive military training and background, and are experts in the field of safety, as well as racing. Because Heroes Motorsport officials, instructors and team members have strong military and government contracting backgrounds, we have the discipline and experience necessary to provide the best training available.


The Essential Safety Certification consists of two parts, an online knowledge assessment and a practical real-time assessment on the race track. Once racers complete the online knowledge assessment, new racers will be equipped to perform critical safety tasks, and experienced racers will refresh their current knowledge and experience and be certified to perform all safety procedures on the track.

This program will roll out officially in advance of the March Lucky Dog Race and all necessary registration information will be available at that time. *You must be registered for a Lucky Dog Race in order to take the certification at this time.

We will be piloting the program at the January Laguna Seca race.

*Safety certification courses can be customized to suit your organization. If you are interested in having Heroes Motorsport design a safety program for your  organization, please contact us.